[Ip-health] Scott LaGanga's double life -- Partnership for Safe Medicines, and PhRMA Senior Director

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Fri Jul 16 12:21:18 PDT 2010

Mira Shiva just dropped into our office in Washington, DC.  She brought
by a slide presentation that she saw in India a few months ago,
presented by Scott LaGanga, who was identified as the Executive Director
of the "Partnership for Safe Medicines" (PSM).  

Not mentioned in his slide presentation was the fact that Scott is also
a Senior Director of PhRMA, where he manages a $3 million slush fund for
"organized labor, business and industry groups, venture capital
organizations, veteran groups, think tanks, and academics."


Scott LaGanga

Senior Director of PhRMA, Executive Director of the Partnership for Safe
Medicines (PSM)

Scott LaGanga’s Experience

      Executive Director
      Partnership for Safe Medicines

      (Public Safety industry)

      August 2007 — Present (3 years )

      • Managing all activities of the organization, including
membership development, policy analysis, and communications
      • Currently developing outposts in five countries in Asia and
Africa to educate patients, healthcare providers and policymakers about
the perils of counterfeit and substandard medicines
      • Steadily increasing the educational awareness of counterfeit
medicines by addressing more than 150 organizations in countries like
India, Hong Kong, Ghana, and Tunisia
      • Regularly generate new educational tools for various
populations, including a drug safety “Online Toolkit” for consumers, and
the LEADERS Guide for Pharmacists
      Senior Director

      (Non-Profit; Pharmaceuticals industry)

      June 2007 — Present (3 years 2 months)

      • Senior manager responsible for a consultant team of twelve
individuals, with outreach to more than two hundred organizations, and a
budget of more than $3 million
      • A leader in the institution’s outreach effort on issues
including comprehensive health reform, intellectual property, drug
safety and international trade
      • Liaison between the industry and entities including organized
labor, business and industry groups, venture capital organizations,
veteran groups, think tanks, and academics
      Executive Director
      Property Rights Alliance

      (Non-Profit Organization Management industry)

      August 2005 — June 2007 (1 year 11 months)

      • Co-founded the organization to transition the public policy
debate around property rights from an academic discussion to one
reflecting real life
      • Initiated the first-ever Hernando de Soto Fellowship program in
the United States to provide a graduate student the infrastructure and
resources to research comprehensive property rights and the rule of law
around the globe
      • Developed, in tandem with international economist Hernando de
Soto, the first-ever global index called the International Property
Rights Index (IPRI); now conducted annually with partners in more than
fifty countries, analyzing data for 115 countries, representing
ninety-six percent of the world’s GDP
      • Coordinated national effort on thirteen state ballot measures on
eminent domain and regulatory takings; nine of thirteen were successful
in 2006

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