[Ip-health] Reminder - Online Survey for Oxford Taskforce on Global Knowledge Governance (10 days left to contribute your views!)

Carolyn DEERE BIRKBECK carolyn.deere at politics.ox.ac.uk
Wed Jul 21 08:16:18 PDT 2010

*** Online Survey for Oxford Taskforce on Global Knowledge Governance ***

Veuillez cliquer ici pour accéder à cette lettre et à l'étude en français:

Para una versión en español de esta carta y encuesta, por favor haga clic
aquí: http://www.globaleconomicgovernance.org/expert-taskforce-survey-sp

In late 2009, Oxford University’s Global Economic Governance Programme
(www.globaleconomicgovernance.org) convened an Expert Taskforce on Global
Knowledge Governance to propose a set of principles and options for the
future of the global knowledge governance.  To contribute to their work, the
Expert Taskforce invites you to take part in a short international survey on
Global Knowledge Governance and Intellectual Property. To complete the
survey, please follow this link:
www.surveymonkey.com/s/globalknowledgegovernance. Further information on the
Taskforce can be viewed at www.globaleconomicgovernance.org/project-ip.

The survey will help the Taskforce gather a diversity of views from around
the world on challenges facing the international institutional arrangements
and processes that shape the rules and practices for creating, using and
sharing knowledge - and related goods and services. We also seek views on
principles that should guide reforms and specific options for consideration.
The survey focuses particular attention on questions of how global
governance influences international intellectual property-related rules and

The results of the survey will be used as input into the Taskforce's final
report, which will be published in late 2010 and made available to the
diversity of governments, international organizations and stakeholders
interested in the future of global knowledge governance. The taskforce's
report will also draw on interviews, expert consultations and a review of
the most relevant scholarly and policy literature. 

The survey is open for responses until 30 July 2010 and should take only 20
- 30 min of your time. You may opt to jump to the end of the survey at any
stage and it is also possible to save your work and return to it later
(instructions for this are available on the survey site).

*Pour une version de l’étude en français, appuyez ici:
*Para una versión en español de la encuesta, haga clic aquí:

For questions on the survey or on the work of the Taskforce, please contact
us at intellectualproperty at univ.ox.ac.uk.  We thank you in advance for your
contribution and look forward to reading your views.

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