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New Book Release

Pandemic Preparedness
Creating a Fair and Equitable Influenza Virus and Benefit Sharing System

Edited by Sangeeta Shashikant

Publisher: TWN (ISBN: 978-967-5412-20-2)

Year: 2010 No. of pages: 232


The World Health Organisation (WHO), a specialised agency of the United
Nations, is mandated to achieve the highest possible level of health for all
    However, in 2007 world attention was focused on WHO when it emerged that
WHO¹s ŒGlobal Influenza Surveillance Network¹ (GISN) was unfair to the
interests and needs of developing countries. This scheme, focused on
ensuring that countries shared influenza viruses, failed to deliver fair and
equitable benefit sharing, a crucial element to ensure access to vaccines,
anti-virals and other technologies at affordable prices to developing
countries that were most affected during a severe influenza outbreak of
pandemic potential. It also emerged that developed country governments and
their entities were winners in the scheme as they profited from the virus
sharing system, including by having timely access to vaccines and making
intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) claims over the shared biological
materials and products developed using such materials.
    Meanwhile, developing countries could face astronomical bills for the
purchase of vaccines and other medical supplies, as well as difficulties in
accessing such supplies, due to their limited availability. Latest
technologies as well as know-how used in vaccine development and production
(largely based in developed countries) were also protected by IPRs, creating
more obstacles for developing countries that might seek to build their own
production capacity.
    All these issues came to a head at the 60th World Health Assembly in
2007, leading to the adoption of Resolution WHA60.28 titled ŒPandemic
Influenza Preparedness: sharing of influenza viruses and access to vaccines
and other benefits¹. Negotiations to create a fair and equitable influenza
virus and benefit sharing framework in the context of pandemic influenza
preparedness are ongoing in WHO.
    This book provides an in-depth understanding of the background to, and
rationale for, the current WHO negotiations on influenza virus and benefit
sharing as well as a front-line view of the negotiations.


SANGEETA SHASHIKANT is a legal adviser of the Third World Network.



Indonesia to share bird-flu samples only if there is new system (SUNS #6195
­ 21 February 2007)

³Sharing² of avian flu virus to be a major issue at WHA (SUNS #6247 ­ 8 May

Winners and losers in the sharing of avian flu viruses (SUNS #6249 ­ 10 May

Developing countries look to WHA for solution to flu virus issue (SUNS #6251
­ 14 May 2007) 

WHO admits patents taken on avian flu virus (SUNS #6254 ­ 21 May 2007)

WHA avian flu decision links sharing of virus and benefits (SUNS #6258 ­ 25
May 2007) 

Civil society calls for fair framework for sharing of virus samples as well
as vaccines 

No clear outcomes in WHO meeting on avian flu virus sharing

Rush is on for patents on avian flu viruses and vaccines (SUNS #6354 ­ 30
October 2007) 

Meet discusses proposals to reform WHO¹s influenza surveillance system (SUNS
#6372 ­ 23 November 2007)

WHO meeting on avian flu virus ends with draft documents (SUNS #6374 ­ 27
November 2007) 

WHO Executive Board discusses avian flu issues (SUNS #6398 - 23 January

WHO Board debates ³global health security², climate, IPRs (SUNS #6399 ­ 24
January 2008)

WHA discusses avian flu, smallpox virus stocks (SUNS #6479 ­ 22 May 2008)

WHO-linked centre lays patent claim on bird flu virus (SUNS #6539 ­ 15
August 2008) 

Concerns over Chair¹s text on sharing of avian flu viruses and benefits
(SUNS #6539 ­15 August 2008)

Massive patent claims on antibodies and genes of bird flu survivors (SUNS
#6559 ­ 2 October 2008)

US agency claims another patent over bird flu virus materials (SUNS #6564 ­
9 October 2008) 

US military flu virus collection parallels WHO virus system (SUNS #6599 ­ 27
November 2008) 

Key issues unresolved at WHO meeting on influenza virus sharing (SUNS #6613
­ 18 December 2008)

North-South fight on IP, Benefit Sharing issues in influenza talks (SUNS
#6614 ­ 19 December 2008)

Flu outbreak adds urgency for fair & equitable benefit and IP sharing

Key elements of virus and benefit-sharing framework still unresolved (SUNS
#6703 ­ 19 May 2009)

Negotiations to continue on influenza virus and benefit-sharing (SUNS #6706
­ 26 May 2009) 

Working Group set up, pandemic flu response to be reviewed (SUNS #6849 - 26
January 2010) 

Appendix 1: World Health Assembly Resolution 60.28: ³Pandemic Influenza
Preparedness: sharing of influenza viruses and access to vaccines and other

Appendix 2: ³Fundamental Principles And Elements for the Development of a
New System for Virus Access And Fair and Equitable Benefit Sharing arising
from the use of the virus for the pandemic influenza preparedness²
(A/PIP/IGM/5): Proposal from Indonesia

Appendix 3: ³Standard Terms and Conditions (STCs) for the Transfer and Use
of Influenza Biological Materials and Fair and Equitable Benefits Sharing
(Between Member States [MS] and WHO Secretariat [WS])² (A/PIP/IGM/6):
Proposal from Thailand

Appendix 4: ³Standard Terms and Conditions for the Transfer and Use of
Influenza Biological Materials and fair and equitable benefit sharing²
(A/PIP/IGM/7): Proposal from the African Region

Appendix 5: Interim Statement of the Intergovernmental Meeting on Pandemic
Influenza Preparedness: Sharing of influenza viruses and access to vaccine
and other benefits 

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