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Mary Moran, Inc.
By James Love
Created 19 May 2010 - 5:24am
Dr. Mary Moran was a member of the WHO Expert Working Group on R&D  
financing. According to one WHO official, she was also hired by the  
World Health Organization to write key sections of the report, managed  
the selection criteria, ended up giving her own proposal the highest  
rating [1], and was asked by the WHO to address the May 13th  
consultations with WHO member states. Yesterday Dr. Moran approached  
me in part to ask that she not be identified as an employee of the  
George Institute. "I rent office space from the George Institute, I'm  
not an employee," she said. Mary said that she works for a for-profit  
firm that she owns.

Malini Aisola subsequently asked Dr. Moran if her for-profit  
consulting firm had pharmaceutical company clients. Dr. Moran declined  
to answer the question.


Dr Moran
Submitted by Anonymous dude or dudess on 20. May 2010 - 1:33.
Maybe she should ask George institute to amend their webpage accordingly


Mary Moran, Inc.

Submitted by Anonymous dude or dudess on 19. May 2010 - 19:31.

It is true that Dr Mary Moran is no longer a member of the George  
Institute, a not for profit NGO based in Australia. She now runs her  
own for profit firm called PharmaConsulting Inc. Since establishing  
the company she has been successful in shifting projects initially won  
by the George Institute to her private firm. Most recently, she has  
moved the Gates Foundation-funded GFINDER project from the Institute  
to her drug company consulting business. GFINDER is supposed to  
provide unbiased reports on global investment in R&D for neglected  
diseases. Gates clearly does not see any conflict of interest in  
having such reports produced by a for profit company with drug company  
clients. It will be interesting to see whether those who have freely  
provided the George Institute with information on their R&D  
investments will do the same for PharmaConsulting Inc.


Please Retract: Mary Moran, Inc.
Submitted by Anonymous dude or dudess on 19. May 2010 - 11:58.
Mary Moran is lead author on the G-FINDER report series, one upon  
which many of us working on illnesses affecting neglected populations  
rely. The above accusation against Dr. Moran's professional & academic  
integrity carries grave consequences, not only for Dr. Moran's own  
career, but for members of the community who make decisions and carry  
out advocacy and scholarship based upon her published works.

I oppose, in the strongest possible terms, the making of such an  
accusation in a public forum and ask you to please issue a public  
retraction and apology along with a clear substantiation of the basis  
upon which the above accusation was made.

Thank you,

Mike Gretes, PhD (Biochemistry)


Reply to Dr. Gretes
Submitted by James Love on 20. May 2010 - 4:19.
Dear Dr.Gretes. I'm not sure what to say. Mary approached me and Dr.  
Zafar Mirza of the WHO to say she works for a for-profit consulting  
firm, and does not want to be identified as working for the George  
Institution. Perhaps you would want to follow-up with her.

As for the part about her evaluating her own proposal for funding R&D,  
well, its hard to retract, since this is on the public record, and not  
really in dispute. She was hired by the WHO and used by the EWG to  
evaluate the proposals submitted to the EWG. The highest rated funding  
proposal was the Industry Research and Development Facilitation Fund  
(IRFF). This was a six page proposal she had written in 2005, and had  
never submitted in the EWG public review process. Indeed, on Monday  
evening she appeared at a Global Health Council event at the  
InterContinental Hotel with Novartis and IAVI to push a modified  
version called PDP+. She wears a lot of hats these days. Member of the  
EWG. Staff to the EWG. And spokesperson for the  leading funding  
proposal endorsed by the EWG. I have no idea what her consulting  
business involves, or who her client are. Malini Aisola wrote to Dr.  
Moran on Tuesday of this week, asking her if she had clients in the  
pharmaceutical industry. Dr. Moran refused to reply. KEI did not  
allege she had pharmaceutical industry clients. We asked if she had  
clients. Given her role at the WHO these days, it seems like a  
reasonable question to ask. I assume that Dr. Moran will clarify this  
more this week, and we will be happy to report what she says, if she  
has something to say.

James Love, Director, KEI


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