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Aidan Hollis ahollis at ucalgary.ca
Wed May 26 15:49:14 PDT 2010

Dear ip-health readers,

Thanks to James Love for his recent comments on the Health Impact Fund. The goal of the HIF is to incentivize pharmaceutical innovation for the most pressing global health needs while enabling access at the lowest price. Our current plans include running one or more pilots to explore how to make payments depend on assessed health impact in practice.  We believe that such pilots will be crucial for moving ahead any prize-type mechanisms – including the HIF – in which payments are conditional on health impact. The HIF is an on-going, dynamic project that is developing in response to learning and from the contributions of many people, and the proposal has not remained static over time. 

Mr Love's comments were very critical of the HIF, and of Thomas Pogge and me, on ip-health. We believe that his comments are misdirected and fundamentally mischaracterize the HIF, and I am willing to discuss this with Mr Love at his convenience, or with others who have concerns, questions or suggestions about the HIF and its direction. 

More information on the HIF is available at http://www.healthimpactfund.org

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