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*The Medicines Patent Pool Becomes Effective*

Cameroon Coalition Against Malaria is pleased with the news that the first
patent has been put into the Medicines Patent Pool Foundation (MPPF),
established by UNITAID. We say a hearty congratulations and thank you to the
NIH for this key move towards making expensive, inaccessible medicines
available to the millions of people suffering and dying needlessly in our
communities for lack of treatment.

Thanks to the GFATM and other donors, up to half the number of people in
need of ARVs in developing countries now have access. However, this means
that the other half are left to die, causing untold suffering to
impoverished populations, and worse still, leaving many children orphans.

“Last week I was hit hard by the reality of little or no access to ARVs as I
went to my village to bury a cousin of mine who died of Aids” said Mr. Fogue
Alain, Manager of Positive Generation, Cameroon. “My hope and prayer as I
buried my cousin” Mr Fogue continued, "was to see no more suffering and
deaths occurring because people don’t have access to existing medicines. Let
the world mobilize and support our governments to ensure access to life
saving ARVs for all those in need, in line with the target of universal
access by 2015", concluded Mr Fogue.

As we congratulate NIH, we also encourage other patent owners to follow
suit, so that cheaper and more efficient versions of ARVs can be produced.

Since this particular NIH patent will not free the way for generic versions
of darunavir, because additional patents are held by Tibotec (owned by US
firm Johnson & Johnson) we equally implore this company and others to
surrender needed patents to the MPPF at their earliest convenience.

This first contribution to MPPF allows us to smile in hope, and to look
forward to the day when all our people who are in need will have easy access
to life-saving ARVs.

Esther Tallah, MD

Manager Cameroon Coalition Against Malaria

B.P. 4256, Yaounde


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