[Ip-health] Chair presents proposal for future work to be discussed today, last day of SCP sessions

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Chair’s proposal for future works to be discussed today at the Standing
Committee on the Law of Patents

After a week of controversial informal meetings, the Chair, Maximiliano
Santa Cruz, prepared a proposal for future work of the Committee (SCP). The
proposal will be analyzed by Member States, International Organizations and
Non-governmental organizations today, Friday, the last day of meeting.

It seams a steep forward considering demands from both sides: LDC’s demands
on addressing Development Agenda recommendations and further understanding
on exceptions and limitations, but also Developing countries interests on
client-attorney privilege and patent quality. Nonetheless, the goal was to
establish topics to remain on the agenda, which shall be debated further at
SCP 16th meeting, to eventually turn out into practical deliberations.

The last day of sessions is still to discuss the Preliminary Studies on:
Dissemination of Patent Information, Transfer of Technology and Opposition

The Chair’s text was presented as follows:

1. Development Agenda coordination mechanism

Following the decision of the 2010 WIPO General Assembly on the coordination
mechanisms and monitoring, assessing and reporting modalities of relevant
bodies on the implementation of the Development Agenda recommendations,
Member States will be given the opportunity to express their views on this
issue under a specific item to be included in the agenda of the 16th session
of the Committee. These view will be considered in the context of the
standardized procedure that WIPO will propose for all relevant WIPO bodies.

2. Non-exhaustive list of issues

The non-exhaustive list of the issue will remain open for further
elaboration and discussion at its next session, and three further issues
will be included in the list, namely, “Impact of the patent system on
developing countries and LDCs”, “Patents and food security” and “Strategic
use of IP in business”.

3. Future work

(i) Exceptions and limitations to patent rights: The Secretariat will
prepare a draft questionnaire for consideration by Member States at the 16th
session of the Committee.

(ii) Quality of patents.

(iii) Patents and public health

(iv) Client-patent advisor privilege: The Secretariat will prepare a
preliminary study taking into account the comments made by Member States.

(v) Transfer of technology: The Secretariat will update the existing
preliminary study (document SCP/14/4), taking into account the comments made
by Member States.

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