[Ip-health] Drug quality problems for GSK and BMS

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Dear all,
More details in the New York Times

Glaxo to Pay $750 Million for Sale of Bad Products
(...) This was GlaxoSmithKline's premier manufacturing facility, producing 
$5.5 billion of product each year. But Ms. Eckard soon discovered that 
quality control was a mess: the water system was contaminated; the air 
system allowed for cross-contamination between products; the warehouse was 
so overcrowded that rented vans were used for storage; the plant could not 
ensure the sterility of intravenous drugs for cancer; and pills of differing 
strengths were sometimes mixed in the same bottles. (...)

Pierre Chirac

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> It's deeply ironic given Big Pharma's constant screel about poor quality
> generic medicines and how we need increased IP enforcement and
> anti-counterfeiting measures to address quality and safety concerns that 
> its
> own house is so out of order.  Not only is Big Pharma constantly pilloried
> and fined for off-label drug promotion, hiding negative clinical trials, 
> and
> cheating on pricing, but it is also apparently engaged in foot-dragging 
> and
> cover-ups when quality-control issues arise at its own manufacturing
> facilities.
> Maybe PhRMA (and the European Commission and the USTR) could explain how
> ACTA's focus on IP enforcement would help address quality-related
> malfeasance by its patent/data/trademark protected members.
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