[Ip-health] Phrma's Assault on Health and Life

George Carter fiar at verizon.net
Thu Oct 28 07:04:37 PDT 2010

Two stories that are causing me serious angst. Profit as the business model is lethal. It must be outlawed as the means to discovery and access both as it has demonstrably proven an abject failure.

First story:
Phrma holds our lives hostage by (often falsely) claiming supply problems.

Second story:
While this may seem to be unrelated, I have been using and working with botanicals, micronutrients and other interventions that CAN help to mitigate disease, symptoms and drug side effects. Phrma knows this and HATES any competition--in Europe, they appear to be successfully approaching a time where the competition is simply eliminated by brain dead fiat.


While the "dietary supplement" industry is also in it for the money and one (as a user of these interventions) must parse out the self-interest, the bottom line for me is GOOD evidence-based medicine and clinical evaluation. Most humans on the PLANET rely to some degree on traditional medicines.

We need to cast out the vile for-profit system that has rendered science a joke at the expense of our lives. A system that has turned clinical trials into mere marketing tools to satisfy the voracious appetites of greed (to the point where GSK gets a chump change charge of, for them, a measly $750 million for producing crap drugs).

I am interested in what works to help alleviate suffering--whether it is a multiple micronutrient tablet, an Ayurvedic herbal remedy or an antiretroviral cocktail.

I am interested in systems that reward honor, dignity, compassion, intellect and human decency. These are achievable--but not in the context of consigning healthcare to the economic genocide of profiteering and holding our lives hostage to their greed.
George M. Carter

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