[Ip-health] IPR as part of the State Department's Jobs Agenda

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This is from Robert Hormat's Labor Day blog on the Huffington Post:


The State Department's Jobs Agenda
Huffington Post
Robert Hormats (Under Secretary of State for Economic, Energy and
Agricultural Affairs)
September 6, 2010 

Protecting American Intellectual Property.

Our greatest assets in today's knowledge-based economy are the ingenuity
and creativity of the American people.

President Obama has declared the Administration's commitment to
"aggressively protect our intellectual property... It is essential to
our prosperity and it will only become more so in this century." Led by
Vice President Biden and a top White House team, senior officials of the
State Department in Washington and abroad are carrying out the
President's commitment to ensure that intellectual property is being
protected around the world. My colleagues and I meet regularly with
business leaders, union officials, and leaders of the technology,
entertainment and pharmaceutical industries to identify problems in this
area and forge effective responses.

Protecting our intellectual property -- the patents, copyrights,
trademarks, innovative technologies, and creative products that drive
our economic growth against piracy, counterfeiting, forced transfer, and
discriminatory procurement practices -- is a core interest of the United
States. The stakes for American jobs are high. The information and
telecommunications sector alone -- one of the many sectors in our
country that depend on intellectual property and constant innovation --
employs five million people. And we want to enable American workers and
businesses to continue innovating, creating, and designing the products
that will ensure our prosperity for years to come. Ensuring that their
innovative products are protected against counterfeiting and various
other techniques that jeopardize their intellectual property is
essential to doing this.

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