[Ip-health] Prices of Norvir (generic name Ritonavir) in 2010

Baker, Brook b.baker at neu.edu
Mon Sep 13 08:26:36 PDT 2010

The Clinton Foundation reports in its 2010 ARV price list that Matrix offers
ritonavir at $90/pppy but that the Matrix product has not yet been approved
by WHO Prequalification or by the Global Fund's Expert Review Panel.

It seems that Abbott, unlike almost all the other innovators, is continuing
to try to beat the best generic price with its low-income/sub-Saharan Africa
discount pricing offers on LPN/r and ritonavir.  Although this has the
advantage of making the medicines available at a low price, it has the
subsidiary effect of deterring and delaying generic entry and redundancy of
of supply.  It will also potentially delay introduction of rational fixed
dose combinations whereby ritonavir is used to boost other protease


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> Prices of Norvir (generic name Ritonavir) in 2010
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> August 12, 2010
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