[Ip-health] Event on EU-Mercosur Association Agreement negotiations in Buenos Aires

Sophie Bloemen Sophie at haieurope.org
Tue Aug 2 09:34:21 PDT 2011

On Friday the 29th of July the first public event on the MERCOSUR-EU
negotiations took place in the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Organized by the research institute CEIDIE, speakers included public
officials from several ministries, academics such as Carlos Correa,
Sandra Negro and Xavier Seuba, as well as representatives from the civil
society (ABIA and HAI Europe).

Speakers discussed the background and the current state of the
negotiations, as well as the prospective goals envisaged by the parties.
Particular attention was devoted to agriculture and intellectual
property.  The event discussed the significant differences in approach
and the difficulties to be overcome, with a view put on the public
interest and development concerns.

Civil society presented its concerns with regards to public health and
access to medicines and the possible role of the European Parliament in
the negotiations. 

With respect to intellectual property, fundamental differences between
the parties were raised. Dr. Correa put the agreement in the context of
the ever-increasing level of demands, while X. Seuba pointed out that in
fact parties where not negotiating an IP chapter, but exchanging views
on the role of intellectual property on economy and society.  

The next round of negotiations will take place in November in Uruguay. 

For the program of the meeting see here:




Sophie Bloemen


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