[Ip-health] E-DRUG: Response to Questions & Comments on Medicines Patent Pool (2)

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The MPP has also been discussed over the E-Drug list.  Here is a response to
the letter the MPP put (
posted on e-drug:

E-DRUG: Response to Questions & Comments on Medicines Patent Pool (2)

Dear colleagues,
I think this is a great summary on the MPP process, and I would like to
thank the MPP team for providing this insight into the process. And
congratulations to those innovators supporting this facility; hopefully
others shall join in, as they see that there are growing safeguards in these
arrangements that support their commercial interests.

As indicated in their submission, there remains responsibility on
governments to consider and apply other options that remain open to
governments, to provide for assured access to essential medicines, on the
basis that the MPP initiative is not the be all, end all. For some
governments, this will mean considering how best to use their procurement
regulations and procurement strategies (as often covered in these laws) to
facilitate access to essential medicines. It also means making use of and
investing in other arrangements such as the TRIPS flexibilities (an area
that too often only receives academic interest in many developing

Increasing access to essential medicines is the objective. In that respect,
using a combination of all these tools, facilities and strategies,whilst
preserving, and promoting research in medicines discovery and
innovation,etc, is the reality for public health at present.


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