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Yousuf Abdoola Vawda VAWDAY at ukzn.ac.za
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Makes sense.
But could this possibly be a window to expose big pharma further,
playing off Bill Clinton against them? Surely, they will not want an
adversary in BC, or is the effort in demanding voluntary licences, and
pumping up the call for even a 2-year (or more) 'grace period' for
generics not worth the trouble?
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>>> "Baker, Brook" <b.baker at neu.edu> 12/6/2011 12:41 AM >>>
Virtually all the medicines that are tentatively approved by the FDA
still blocked by innovator patents in the US.  The US grants
patents on medicines as it has low standards of patentability,
for medicines, whereby it evergreens patents by allowing new 20-year
patents on new forms (chemical variations) of existing medicines, new
dosages and formulations, new combinations, and new uses.  Accordingly
Pharma is a patenting machine (for example ritonavir has 800 families
patents on the medicine and processes for making it).

It would be perfectly possible for Big Pharma to voluntarily issue
licenses to FDA-approved manufacturers for sales in the US, but
little or no incentive for them to do so.  The antiretroviral market
globally is over $13 billion and a good chunk of that is domestic.
Alternatively, the US could (1) issue easy-to-use government use
for public, non-commercial use under existing legislation and
could do so to distribute to state governments for use in ADAP
(2) exercise march-in rights that it has to certain (but not all) ARVs
do the same; or (3) issue compulsory licenses under new special
legislation for this purpose (chance of passage zero - Big Pharma will
lobby non-stop to prevent such an occurrence in my opinion if for no
reason because of the precedent it sets).  Unless, Presidents and
ex-Presidents have a special in with multinational drug companies
sufficient to convert them into short-term charities that are not
concerned by precedent, I don't know where this idea can go.

President Clinton seemed oddly uninformed about the existence of
and data monopolies reinforced by the international intellectual
regime that he helped to engineer through TRIPS and expand through

There are lots of good ideas about getting cheaper medicines for poor
patients (and even rich patients) in high and low income countries,
the IP status of medicines is a structural barrier that must first be

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On 12/5/11 8:31 AM, "Jared Augenstein" <jared.augenstein at gmail.com>

>Does anyone know what precisely this would require?
>On Dec 4, 2011, at 12:37 PM, Matthew Kavanagh wrote:
>> Interesting comments from Bill Clinton at the World AIDS Day event
>>suggesting importation of generic drugs through temporary licensing
>>until ACA kicks in 2014...
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>>> No transcript as far as I know.
>>> Specifically, former Pres Bill Clinton called for a 2 year period
>>>use generic ARVs in the US in order to address the waiting lists
>>>prevent an increase in AIDS related deaths in the US.
>>> Watch the vid on you tube.
>>> It's 1:50 in. And wait around listen to Representative Barbara
>>>interest. She's always been supportive of a "from Botswana to the
>>>Bronx" message linking domestic and global HIV.
>>> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ABrI1GNs3u8
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>>> Subject: [FED_AIDS_POL] Bill Clinton's remarks on World AIDS Day?
>>> Has anyone seen a transcript of Clinton's remarks at the December
>>>event where he spoke with Obama and Bush?
>>> I heard that at one point he called for access to generic AIDS
>>>in the United States, but have not had a chance to watch the video.
>>> Julie
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