[Ip-health] IP-Watch: Issues Of Interest To IP Community Abound At WTO Ministerial

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Issues Of Interest To IP Community Abound At WTO Ministerial	 

Published on 14 December 2011 @ 11:57 pm

By William New, Intellectual Property Watch

Despite the low-key role of intellectual property rights issues at this week’s World Trade Organization ministerial, there is plenty to think about for the IP community.


It is possible that in a ministerial with little actual negotiating to do, ministers may have an opportunity to look at the bigger picture of trade and its relation to the main elements of society. And in doing so, they come across issues of IP.

Separately, there are a variety of side events and smaller government meetings taking place around the ministerial. For instance, the Council of the European Union was said to have approved the plurilateral Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) today.


And on 16 December at the WTO building itself (note: the ministerial will be held at the nearby Geneva CICG conference center), Knowledge Ecology International and others will hold a meeting on “The TRIPS Agreement and Copyright.” The agenda is as follows:

“Hannu Wager, World Trade Organization: What does the 3-Step test for copyright mean, in the context of the WTO TRIPS Agreement, and how does it differ from the 3-Step tests for trademark or patent rights.

James Love, Knowledge Ecology International: Is there a need to redefine the TRIPS 3-Step test for copyright

TRIPS and remedies for copyright infringement – James Love, KEI: What is the flexibility in Article 44 of the TRIPS for implementing liability rules for access to copyright, outside of the 3-Step test?

TRIPS and the Appendix the Berne Convention – Viviana Munoz, South Centre: Are the copyright flexibilities under TRIPS referenced Appendix to the Berne Convention sufficient to address concerns about access and development in an era of enhanced enforcement of copyright?”


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