[Ip-health] Position Available at Public Citizen: Organizer / Researcher with Access to Medicines Program

Peter Maybarduk pmaybarduk at citizen.org
Wed Jan 19 09:22:23 PST 2011

Position Available: Organizer / Researcher 
Public Citizen's Global Access to Medicines Program 

Public Citizen is a non-partisan public interest group with over 225,000 members and activists. Key areas of organizational focus include pharmaceutical drug safety and consumer health, among others. 

Public Citizen's Global Access to Medicines Program works with partners worldwide to help improve access to medicines through use of cost-lowering measures including generic competition. See citizen.org/accesstomedicine. 

DESCRIPTION: Generic competition plays a key role in improving global access to medicines and saving lives. Competition reduces costs over time to levels where governments and donors can scale up treatment coverage. For example, over the last ten years, global competition and generic medicines have produced a revolution in HIV/AIDS treatment, reducing first-line treatment prices by 99% from over $10,000 to $100 per person per year in developing countries, and enabling more than five million people worldwide to access lifesaving antiretroviral therapy. Competition remains every bit as vital today to expand access to new medicines, including among many others expensive second and third-line HIV/AIDS treatments. 

Public Citizen helps civil society groups and public agencies around the world use flexibilities in trade rules to overcome patent monopolies and promote access to medicines. We assess new developments in policy and law, with a particular focus on intellectual property, and work with coalition partners to promote game-changing ideas that advance pharmaceutical access and innovation simultaneously. Our work challenges Big Pharmas economic and political power. 

In 2011, Public Citizen will advocate for expanded licensing of U.S. government-funded technology, more extensive global use of compulsory licenses (legal grants of authority to use third parties patented inventions), vastly improved terms for access to medicines in the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement, and rational, regulatory-based policies to ensure medicines quality and pharmaceutical industry accountability, among other strategic priorities. 

RESPONSIBILITIES: Based on interest and experience, the Organizer/Researchers responsibilities may include:
* Coalition and grassroots organizing, 
* Research and written analysis, 
* Provision of information and/or guidance to policymakers, 
* Administrative support and web management, 
* Other duties as assigned. 

QUALIFICATIONS: Ideally candidates will demonstrate highly relevant: 
Subject Knowledge : For example, access to medicines, intellectual property, medicines regulation and/or procurement, treatment advocacy, etc. 
Work Experience : Demonstrated organizing, research, writing experience; previous public interest or advocacy work preferred. 
Skills : Strong analytic, writing, research, communications and civic/grassroots organizing skills. 
Capabilities : Ability to work alone and in collaboration; attention to detail and technical accuracy; ability to envision project development and complete work on deadline; commitment to standing up to corporate power; flexibility and ability to respond quickly to new developments. 

Language skills are a significant plus. International experience may also be a plus. 

Conditions : Passion for justice; commitment to advancing the public interest; strong interest in the subject of access to medicines; good humor. 

The Organizer/Researcher will report to the Access to Medicines Program Director and to Public Citizen's President. 

This position is based in Washington, D.C. Based on experience and interest, it may include travel within or outside the United States. 

SALARY AND BENEFITS: Competitive non-profit salary commensurate with experience. Good medical and dental coverage. Three weeks paid vacation for new employees. 

TO APPLY: Submit current cover letter, resume, writing sample and two or three references to Peter Maybarduk, pmaybarduk at citizen.org . This is a grant-contingent position. 

Posted January 19, 2011. 

Public Citizen is an equal opportunity employer and maintains a non-smoking workplace. Visit our website at www.citizen.org/ .

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