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Maybe of interest....Message forwarded from E-drug

Seeking your input: Prizes for Global Health Technologies

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

I would like to invite your feedback on the *consultation draft of R4D's
Center for Global Health R&D Policy Assessment report "Prizes for Global
Health Technologies".

The paper evaluates the potential of incentive prizes- large cash
rewards for specified products  or product development milestones- to
speed the development of needed drugs, vaccines, and diagnostics for the
developing world. It uses a case study of recent prize proposals for
improved TB diagnostics to understand how prizes should be structured
and in what circumstances they can be most effective.

Please visit Center for Global Health R&D Policy Assessment and to
review the draft and add your comments.

If you prefer, you may also send comments directly to the report's
authors, Paul Wilson (pw2101 at columbia.edu) and  Amrita Palriwala
(apalriwala at resultsfordevelopment.org).

This draft of our "Prizes for Global Health Technologies" is the first
in a series of  assessments to evaluate policy proposals to accelerate
global health R&D.  Additional draft assessments will be posted in the
upcoming weeks for public comment, including pooled funding agreements
and joint intellectual property management mechanisms.

Many thanks for your views on the report. They are an invaluable
contribution to our assessment process.

Best regards,

Robert Hecht
Results for Development Institute (R4D)
1875 Connecticut Avenue, NW
Suite 1210
Washington, DC 20009
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