[Ip-health] MSF launches: Revising TRIPS for Public Health: An Ideas Contest

Katy Athersuch katy.athersuch at googlemail.com
Thu Jul 21 06:58:03 PDT 2011

Dear All,

On the occasion of the ten-year anniversary of the Doha Declaration, MSF is
launching an “Ideas Contest” on how to revise TRIPS so that it genuinely
meets global public health needs.  Contestants are asked to respond to the
following question:

*QUESTION: *Can TRIPS be reformed to meet public health needs?

   - If YES, describe your idea for how the treaty should be changed.
   - If NO, explain why not, and propose an alternative.

*Contestants: *Anyone is eligible to submit an entry, either as an
individual, a team, and/or on behalf of an institution.  The contest seeks
to attract ideas from around the world from creative thinkers who may be
academics, students, activists, analysts, government officials, journalists,
or from the private sector.  Submissions from low- and middle-income
countries are particularly encouraged.


Option 1: A written essay of 500-1000 words (excluding footnotes and


Option 2: An audio visual entry: video, audio, slideshow or photofilm of no
more than 5 minutes

Submissions should succinctly describe a proposal to change (revise, amend,
clarify, re-interpret, re-negotiate, opt-out, discard) the TRIPS Agreement
so that it is conducive to global public health.  Entries should be
submitted in English, or in any another language along with an English
translation.  The submissions may refer to longer descriptions of reform
proposals (e.g. articles, proposals, previously published work, etc), but
must contain the key arguments for and description of the proposal within
the 1000 word/5 minute limit.

*Judging: *A panel of judges will choose the best 4 submissions, based on
the following criteria:

   - Effectiveness in achieving public health objectives
   - Creativity and originality
   - Clarity of logic and argumentation
   - Note: “political feasibility” will not be a criteria, since a key
   contest objective is to generate unconstrained and creative new thinking


Winners will receive a trip to Geneva  to present their idea on a panel at
the Doha + 10 Conference being organized by MSF in November 2011.  The
conference is expected to attract attendees from government representatives
from developing and industrialized countries, intergovernmental
organizations (e.g. WTO, WHO, WIPO), civil society, academia, and the
private sector.  (If a team is chosen as a winner, the team should designate
one representative to attend the conference.)

MSF will publish and publicize winning entries and shortlisted submissions
on its website.  Winning submissions may also be published in a journal
(TBD).  All contestants will have the option of having their submission made
publicly available in an online archive after the contest ends.


Submissions must be received by 8am CET, Monday, 19 September 2011.  Winners
will be notified by 10 October 2011. For submissions to be considered they
must be accompanied by a completed submission form which is to be sent by
email to DohaPlusTen at paris.msf.org

For full details please

Kind regards,


Katy Athersuch
Medical Innovation & Access Policy Adviser
Médecins Sans Frontières
Campaign for Access to Essential Medicines
Rue de Lausanne 78
1211 Geneva, Switzerland

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