[Ip-health] [HEALTHGAP] The Medicines Patent Pool's Licenses with Gilead Jeopardize Access to Treatment

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Before addressing the details of the ITPC/I-Mak analysis, I would like to
address the issue of the 5 percent of the royalty fee to the patent pool.
 Clearly this gives the patent pool, which is an NGO, a certain degree of
independence from any particular donor, which has positives and negatives.
 In terms of sustainability of the pool, assuming anyone wants a pool to
exist at all, how do you think its operating costs should be financed?


On Mon, Jul 25, 2011 at 9:44 AM, Gregg Gonsalves
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> Dear colleagues,
> I urge you to read this paper in full.  It is an ITPC/I-MAK analysis
> of the Medicines Patent Pool and its recent licenses negotiated with
> Gilead Sciences Inc.
> While many have praised the licenses, others have criticized them on
> narrow grounds, primarily on the exclusion of middle income countries.
> The analysis here shows that the problems with these licenses and with
> the Medicines Patent Pool are far broader and more dangerous.
> These agreements strengthen patent protections on drugs and their
> chemical precursors, weakening the ability of countries to provide
> vital medicines to their own people and to other countries with
> tremendous need for these drugs.
> Furthermore, the Medicines Patent Pool has instituted a 5% fee to be
> paid to it by Gilead for the identification and administration of
> these licenses, which we believe is an egregious conflict of interest.
> We are calling on the Patent Pool Governance Board to censure these
> licenses. We also demanding a moratorium on current negotiations with
> Bristol Myers Squibb and Boehringer-Ingelheim until a broad technical
> consultation with representatives from affected communities can be
> held to discuss the future and reform of the Medicines Patent Pool's
> mandate.
> Gregg
> http://www.i-mak.org/storage/ITPC%20I-MAK%20-%20The%20Broader%20Implications%20of%20the%20MPP%20and%20Gilead%20Licenses%20on%20Access%20-%20FINAL%2025-7-2011.pdf
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