[Ip-health] 7 MArch - Global E-Protest against UE / India FTA

Jérôme Martin jeromemartin at samizdat.net
Wed Mar 2 01:01:14 PST 2011

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      Contacts : Act Up-Paris / Pauline Londeix +33 6 47 98 48 58
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                                           Jérôme Martin + 33 6 84 47 20
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       Monday, 7 March - Global E-Protest against UE / India FTA

Dear all

We would like to invite you to a global e-protest next week, after the
today March in Delhi against the sensitive intellectual property (IP)
chapter in ongoing free trade agreement (FTA) negotiations.

The action is simple : on Act Up-Paris's website, you will find email
adresses of representatives of the European Commission, Indian
governement and European governements. All you will have to do is to
copy / paste the adresses in emails, and send protest letters to the
responsibles of the negociations, or the political key personn in the
Indian and European governements. You will also find examples of letters
(in English and in Franch) demanding meetings with civil society and
withdrawal of the IP issues from the text. You can freely use, modify,
etc these letters. The action will beginn on Monday, 7 March and will
last a week. 

All the material will be on the following link (not active yet, will be
this week-end) :


You can help !

Before the action : you can relay this call to your own network. You can
help us collecting email adresses, particularly email adresses of
Indian, UE, French, British and German embassies' representatives.

During the action : organisation that have easily access to Internet
could open free access for PLWA and activists who don't.

I will let you know until Monday of the progresses in this action.

Best regards

Jérôme Martin
Act Up-Paris

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