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Renata Reis renata at abiaids.org.br
Mon Mar 21 12:41:08 PDT 2011

Dear all,

Thank you for your comments regarding our concerns on the PPH agreement.
We are pleased to give you some great updates on this issue in Brazil.

Last week we made a huge effort to learn more about this kind of agreement in order to build our position. After gathering some arguments we released an statement on the negative implications of this agreement (By now, we don't have this document translated into english, but we are hoping to get it done this week). Honestly, we weren't so optimist because we heard that the agreement was almost confirmed, and beside us, just a few other actors were doing something to contest this measure. But on friday we received the good news: the brazilian governement postponed the signing of the deal and said that a deeper analisys is needed. We got some media coverage, so please find here a story published in english at Brazzil Mag, wich includes some quotes from the interview given by a GTPI member to AGENCIA BRASIL (a brazilian news agency) . 


It's a great step but not a victory, we just have more time to get better prepared to influence a further decision on this. So, we are still needing your support to face this agreement and aditional information on the PPH system would be very helpful. Any collaboration will be the most welcome.

Thanks in advance.

Renata Reis 
Grupo de Trabalho sobre Propriedade Intelectual - GTPI/REBRIP
Associação Brasileira Interdisciplinar de AIDS - ABIA
Av. Presidente Vargas, 446/13 andar - Centro
Rio de Janeiro - RJ
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