[Ip-health] NZ PhaRMAC targeted in Special 301

Sean Flynn sflynn at wcl.american.edu
Mon May 2 13:23:42 PDT 2011

This appears to be a new passage in the Special 301 report for this

2011 Special 301 Report, P. 14

With respect to New Zealand, U.S. industry has expressed serious
concerns about the policies
and operation of New Zealand's Pharmaceutical Management Agency
(PhARMAC). Industry continues to express concerns regarding, among other
things, the
transparency, fairness, and predictability of the PHARMAC pricing and
regime, as well as the overall climate for innovative medicines in New


State officials and health advocates have previously noted that there is
nothing in the 301 authorizing statute that allows the Special 301
Report to veer into pharmaceutical pricing policies.


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