[Ip-health] UNITAID 2011 Update on HIV Diagnostic Technology Landscape

Blumer, Katherine blumerk at who.int
Tue Nov 1 04:34:41 PDT 2011

 UNITAID 2011 Update on HIV Diagnostic Technology Landscape

UNITAID's HIV Diagnostic Technology Landscape and its regular biannual
updates feature new technologies in the pipeline and as they become
available. The landscape is a vital intelligence tool for access
scale-up in the field of HIV/AIDS. It gives global health actors, and in
particular buyers of health products, intelligence about new testing
devices and thus can help to shape strategies about the best and most
appropriate products to include in treatment programmes.

The field of diagnostics for resource-constrained settings has been
largely neglected until now but is becoming increasingly important.
UNITAID is leading efforts in this area by collecting unprecedented
information and making it globally available.

Read the update:


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