[Ip-health] Brazil's intervention at Special Session of the Executive Board on WHO Reform

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Tue Nov 1 07:48:04 PDT 2011

For the full text of Brazil's intervention at the Special Session of the
Executive Board on WHO Reform, please see: http://keionline.org/node/1308

Submitted by thiru on 1. November 2011 - 16:38

The following is the intervention delivered by Brazil on 1 November 2011
at the Special Session of the Executive Board on WHO Reform.


    Genebra, 1º de novembro de 2011

    Mr. Chairman,

    Brazil approaches the WHO reform from the perspective of the
strengthening of multilateralism. We welcome the holding of this EB
special session, but we expect the reform to be debated in an
open-ended setting so that every single member of this organization
can opine on the reform of an institution that belongs to all of us.


1. Health is global, WHO is global. Health is universal, WHO is the sole
universal institution dedicated to global health in the international
system. We should take advantage of this exercise to strengthen the
multilateral nature of this Organization. We can only do so through an
all-inclusive and member-driven reform exercise. As we know, WHO's
comparative advantages stem from its legitimacy as a global
intergovernmental body. We cannot lose sight of the increasingly political
importance and global character of issues discussed in this building, for
instance: strengthening of health systems; universal coverage of health
care; access to affordable medication; social determinants of health;
non-communicable diseases. We need to profit from this reform to keep on
enhancing interaction between the political and technical dimensions of
WHO so as to make sure that WHO will continue to play a leading role in
global health.


4. The latest report of the Secretariat is a good starting point, but
there should be no hurry. We took note of the DG´s comments on the three
concept papers, among others. Indeed, we have covered some ground, but
there is a lot do be done still. The implications of this exercise need to
be well understood by all member states, like Mexico said, from the
richest to the poorest. It is actually a matter of concern for us that
some decisions have already been taken to downsize some units within the
Secretariat. This should not be done without proper consultations with
member states. We are in the midst of a reform process. Such decisions
have a bearing in this reform and should wait for the results of this


In concluding, Mr Chairman, we need to engage ourselves in a
confidence-building exercise and confidence can only come out of a
transparent and inclusive process. We learned an important lesson in the
PIP negotiations. We cannot rush into precipitated decisions. We need time
to discuss, understand and make collective and proper deliberations.

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