[Ip-health] ISA Forum Panel session: Intellectual property, democracy and social justice

Matthew Flynn mbf239 at mail.utexas.edu
Fri Nov 18 17:41:05 PST 2011


I am organizing a conference on the topic at the International Sociological Association’s Forum that will take place in Buenos Aires, Argentina, August 1-4, 2012. Those interested in presenting their work should submit an abstract at this website address: http://www.isa-sociology.org/buenos-aires-2012/rc/rc.php?n=RC02

Session L
Panel session: Intellectual property, democracy and social justice

Matthew FLYNN, University of Texas, United States, mbf239 at mail.utexas.edu 

Whether we realize it or not, intellectual property (IP) affects our lives in many different ways. From structuring current economic systems to our daily communications, the rights to “creations of the mind” structure our economic interactions and have become salient features of the political landscape. The subject and its implications, however, remain under-theorized and under-researched by economic sociologists. The regular panel session with five 20-mintue presentations invites scholars to submit papers for presentation about the topic of intellectual property (IP) and its relationship to social justice, democratic politics, capitalism, and equality. The scope of IP is broad as it affects the universities we work at, the provision of health care, the entertainment industry and the high-tech industry. Governance structures of IP are also changing at the national and global levels, so the impact of IP on developing countries’ industrial policies, health systems, and agricultural systems are particularly invited, as are papers on that relate IP to human rights, social movements, and alternative knowledge regimes.


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