[Ip-health] Wikileaks cables mentioning "Special 301"

Jamie Love james.love at keionline.org
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Cables mentioning "Special 301"

Below are links to two web page pages that have links to 973 U.S.
Department of State cables identified on September 5, 2011, using the
http://cablegatesearch.net/ tool for searching 251,287 Wikileaks
cables, and the search term, "special 301."

Countries A to F -  http://keionline.org/node/1243

Countries G to Y - http://keionline.org/node/1245

The search term refers to the annual USTR's Special 301 Report, which
has been issued every year beginning in 1989. The report is described
by USTR as follows:

=======The “Special 301” Report is an annual review of the global
state of intellectual property rights (IPR) protection and
enforcement, conducted by the Office of the United States Trade
Representative (USTR) pursuant to Section 182 of the Trade Act of
1974, as amended by the Omnibus Trade and Competitiveness Act of 1988
and the Uruguay Round Agreements Act (enacted in 1994). This Report
reflects the Administration’s resolve to encourage and maintain
effective IPR protection and enforcement worldwide.========

KEI's web page on the Special 301 Report is
http://keionline.org/ustr/special301. The 973 cables works out to
approximately 10 cables per week for the eight years between Feb 28,
2002 to Feb 26, 2010. Judging from the number of cables from some
countries, or the absence of cables from others, this appears to be an
incomplete set of the relevant cables.

The cables are organized by the country from which the cable was sent,
and then sorted by date. The following table shows the number of
cables by country:


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