[Ip-health] The Post TRIPS World : Dialogue at WTO Public Forum

Daniella Allam dallam at ictsd.ch
Mon Sep 12 05:22:43 PDT 2011

*The Post-TRIPS*

*A joint Max-Planck Institute and ICTSD dialogue *
*WTO Public Forum*
*Monday, 19th September*
*16:15 - 18:15*
*Room D*
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With the TRIPS Agreement having been conceived in its final form roughly two
decades ago and in force for developing countries for half that time, it is
timely to take a look ahead into the future. How has TRIPS impacted
innovation in general and the level of worldwide IP protection and the way
in which IP laws are applied in practice? What new issues and developments
are taking place which are critically shaping the post TRIPS world? How can
the inherent potential of an Agreement like TRIPS be enhanced so as to offer
a sound and resilient framework encompassing a range of interests?

As the Post-TRIPS world takes shape, these topics have become increasingly
important. First, pro-active measures to ensure an adequate calibration of
international IP protection would send a strong political signal to those
using bilateral or multilateral agreements as a lever to increase the
standards of protection. Second, considering TRIPS in its entirety is an apt
complement to efforts currently taking place under the aegis of WIPO to
integrate development concerns. The session will consider all these
developments and place them in the larger picture of ongoing activities and
processes aiming to shape the Post-TRIPS World.

*Facilitator:* Ahmed Abdel Latif, ICTSD

   - *Does TRIPS call for a rebalancing act? Proposals for reform -*Dr.
   Annette Kur, Max Planck Institute, Munich
   - *An economic perspective on TRIPS: Its effects on FDI and innovation:
   What do we know?* - Mr. Carsten Fink, Chief Economist, Economic Studies,
   Statistics and Analysis Division, WIPO
   - *Developing countries and the pursuit of a development agenda in WIPO
   - *Mrs. Nandini Kotthapally, Counsellor, Mission of India
   - *UK's approach to IPRs and development - *Ms. Victoria Whitford, Deputy
   Director for International Policy, UK Intellectual Property Office
   - *China: 10 years after TRIPS - *Mrs. Zhao Hong, Minister Counsellor,
   Mission of China to the WTO
   - *The TRIPS-Plus World: the impact of free trade agreements - *Mr. Pedro
   Roffe, Senior Fellow, ICTSD

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