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Not an attack. An observation -- and one that holds water.

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> This report from Drug Wonks about a Washington Post/Eli Lilly joint event
> contains a personal attack. Jamie
> http://drugwonks.com/blog_post/show/7937
> On Wednesday I attended the Washington Post’s event on non-communicable
> diseases (NCDs), “Sharing the Responsibility.” The event was co-sponsored by
> Eli Lilly & Co.
> (Video clips of this event can be found at www.washingtonpostlive.com)
> The title of the conference was crucial as world-class speaker after speaker
> spoke to the need for cooperation between (as Ann Keeling, the CEO of the
> International Diabetes Federation and Chair of the NCD Alliance put it) “the
> three P’s – public, private, and people.”
> For a change, the discussion of NCDs wasn’t framed as a battle between “good
> guys” (generally portrayed in the mainstream media as “civil society”) and
> “bad guys” (private industry).  Rather than being about placing the blame,
> it was about developing solutions.  This position was stated early and
> eloquently by the event’s opening speaker, Dr. Julio Frank (Dean of the
> Faculty, Harvard School of Public Health and the key founding father of the
> Mexican healthcare system).  Dr. Frank warned that we must avoid and beware
> of “reductionist solutions.”
> When asked about the role of intellectual property rights and their role in
> addressing the NCD issue, Dr. Frank said that protecting IPRs is crucial to
> developing new and innovative global healthcare solutions.  While he was
> answering this question, Ms. Keeling had no comment on the question of IPRs
> but did comment that, “there are no magic bullets.”
> "This concept of “shared responsibility” issues many challenges – not the
> least of which goes out to the “Uncivil Society” movement led by (among
> others) Jamie Love. Uncivil Society demonizes any role for industry --
> except maybe writing checks (which brings to mind Abba Eban’s famous quote
> about the give-and-take between Israel and the PLO –“We give and they
> take.”)
> "As H.L. Mencken famously quipped, “For every complex problem there is an
> answer that is clear, simple, and wrong.”
> "Uncivil Society was called out at this event.  “Shared responsibility,”
> means they must cease repeating and repeating and repeating their incessant
> falsehood that the majority of the Developing World’s healthcare problems
> could be solved if only we would do away with patents and intellectual
> property protection.
> "The petty agenda of Uncivil Society must not be allowed to hijack the
> important global mission of combating NCDs.
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