[Ip-health] A Bush tool

George Carter fiar at verizon.net
Fri Sep 16 15:27:59 PDT 2011

I couldn't believe what I had read that it was anything other than a really transparent and cheap "divide-and-conquer" ploy.

Then I found this.

I wonder if Mr. Pitts really believes the litany of blatant lies and distortions he spewed in the interview above?

LOL...if that makes me "uncivil" society, so be it. I don't feel civil when 10,000 people are on ADAP waiting lists due 100% to pharma's intractable greed. When 10 MILLION men, women and children are clinically eligible for antiretroviral therapy but are stymied FIRST by capricious and arbitrary drug pricing (which further cripples economies trying to develop health care infrastructure).

Mr. Pitts bemoans a lack of civility? Try getting AIDS and having no access to care because companies like Merck, Pfizer, Abbott, La Roche, GSK, and others refuse to do anything but jack up prices and kill people directly. What in the world is civil about that?

George M. Carter

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