[Ip-health] Clarification on HAI's position on NCDs

Tim Reed Tim at haiglobal.org
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Dear All,


Clarification on HAI's position on NCDs


Andrew Jack's article on the NCD summit focuses exclusively on HAI
Global's position regarding the need for affordable and available
generic essential medicines which are already on the market. The HAI NCD
briefing note speaks purposely on access to generic medicines for NCDs
such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes and asthma. It specifically
does not mention unmet medical need and new essential medicines which
are still under patent, and which, because of their price make them
unaffordable and out of reach. HAI's statement does not imply support
for the industry position on unmet medical need and 'new' essential
medicines.  It is perfectly possible that the motive of the IFPMA in
citing import tariffs, taxes, intermediaries' profits, regulatory
obstacles and weak health systems as barriers to access is to divert
attention from their poor record on patent monopolies on new therapies.
IFPMA should not hide behind the argument of known challenges in health
care while at the same time failing to do  a better job of making sure
people have access to new essential treatments at affordable prices.
Thus, HAI's position regarding the Doha Declaration and TRIPS
flexibilities remains consistent in that they are regarded as just as
relevant for unmet medical need for NCDS as they are for communicable
diseases. It is crucial that TRIPS flexibilities are used to provide
access to life saving and otherwise unaffordable medicines that remain
under patent. Moreover, HAI remains steadfast in its belief  in the need
for exploring alternative models of innovation that delink the cost of
R&D from the price of the product and thereby contribute to universal
access to innovative medicines now and in the future. As a result, HAI
believes that these two complementary approaches are necessary for
securing access on the one hand to off patent generics and on the other
to new drugs still under patent, and the issues should not be seen as
opposed which only serves to obscure the real argument.  


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