[Ip-health] PHM-Exch> Stakeholder Dialogue in Preparation for the 65th World Health Assembly - where else?

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Canada (through Health Canada's International Health Secretariat) does convene day long advance meetings to which several NGOs and some academics are invited. There is also a report back following the WHA.

It is not an open event, however, but invitational.

Several of the more advocacy oriented NGOs do participate.

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"Good governance starts at home"
(favourite quote of many WHO delegates)


I refer to a notice posted on IP-health: The US Health and Human Services Department invites for a "Stakeholder listening session in preparation for the 65th World Health Assembly": "The Stakeholder Listening Session will help the HHS's Office of Global Affairs prepare for the World Health Assembly by taking full advantage of the knowledge, ideas, feedback, and suggestions from all communities interested in and affected by agenda items to be discussed at the 65th World Health Assembly. Your input will contribute to US positions as we negotiate these important health topics with our international colleagues."


This is remarkable. I wonder in which countries this kind of pre-WHA stakeholder dialogue is organized in a similar way. In the UK, I suppose - but I do not know the details. Where else? If there are enough examples, I will publish a collection of "best practices" before this year's World Health Assembly.

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