[Ip-health] South Centre Policy Brief No. 8

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Thu Apr 5 10:39:27 PDT 2012



     “Research and development (R&D) for pharmaceutical products has
   failed to deliver medicines for a large number of people, particularly
   those living in developing countries”. Several reports and studies,
   including the Global Strate- gy and Plan of Action on Public Health,
   Innovation and Intellectual Property (GSPOA) adopted by WHO Member States
   (2003-2008); acknowledged this problem.

     There is a need for new mechanisms that simultaneously and
   effectively promote innovation and access to medicines, particularly for
   diseases that disproportionately affect developing countries. After the
   failure of the World Health Organization (WHO) Expert Working Group
   (EWG) on “Research and Development Coordination and Financing” in 2010,
   a new report of the WHO Consultative Expert Working Group -CEWG– of 5
   April, 2012 recommends to start negotiations for a binding international
   instrument on pharmaceutical R&D (under article 19 of the Constitution of
   the WHO).

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