[Ip-health] Tumult at the TPP

Steven Knievel sknievel at citizen.org
Wed Apr 11 19:55:34 PDT 2012

"More Tumult at the TPP: Secret Negotiations Against Internet Freedom Continue this Week in Chile; Big Pharma Allies Attempt to Shut Down Critics' Event (Again)"

Find our blog post on the latest developments of the TPP in Santiago here: http://www.citizenvox.org/2012/04/11/more-tumult-at-the-tpp/


"This week, American University and the University of Chile arranged to host an event to present analyses critical of particular proposals in the TPP. These include leaked provisions that would greatly favor Big Pharma, expand drug  monopolies and raise medicine prices.<http://www.citizen.org/leaked-trade-negotiation-documents-and-analysis> The keynote speaker was to be Senator Ricardo Lagos, a major political figure in Chile considered to be a possible candidate for the Presidency. Nevertheless, the public University of Chile law school canceled the event on less than two days' notice, evidently on the advice of a member of the faculty who is a paid advisor of the multinational pharmaceutical  companies' association in Chile (the Cámara de Industria Farmacéutica, or CIF).

The cancellation sent organizers scrambling for a new venue, which they found in Chile's Catholic University.<http://infojustice.org/archives/9433>"

Read more here: http://www.citizenvox.org/2012/04/11/more-tumult-at-the-tpp/

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