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Sun Aug 12 21:24:08 PDT 2012

Below is the message I shared on my Facebook regarding the Thai-EU FTA


Today there will be a public discussion on ACTA and Thai-EU FTA at Miracle
Grand Hotel in Bangkok from 1 - 4:30 pm.

Despite the fact that the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement has been
turned down in the EU Parliament on July 4 in a 478 to 39 vote, millions of
patients in the developing world who need life-saving medicines remain
under threats due to the ongoing trade negotiation of TRIPS-plus Free Trade
Agreements proposed by the United States and the European Union.

By the Thai Constitution, Section 190, it requires the government to have a
public consultation process prior to any international trade negotiation
will proceed.  However, according to a recent interview given by a Deputy
Prime Minister, Mr. Kittiratt Na Ranong, Thailand will go ahead with the
FTA negotiation with the EU no matter what TRIPS-plus provisions are
included.  The Deputy Prime Minister said the data exclusivity was not a
big deal and would have an impact for only 5 years.  It was followed by a
call for a meeting on Aug 9, which was convened by the Trade Negotiation
Department in order to move forward the Thai-EU FTA.

The Deputy Prime Minister's message shocked chronic-disease patient groups
and civil society groups working on IPR and access to medicines.  A
coalition of NGOs working against unfair FTAs, FTA Watch, sent an open
letter to the Minister of Commerce and cc the Prime Minister questioning a
rush for the completion of Thailand's negotiation framework for the
EU-Thailand FTA by the end of August which was against the Section 190.
And, 100 IPR and pharmacy academia in Thailand are having a letter to the
Prime Minister expressing their grave concerns on the adverse impacts of
the TRIPS-plus EU FTA and refusing the trade negotiation with any forms of
TRIPS plus provisions.

This afternoon discussion aims to hear comments and concerns with regard to
messages and recent position of the government on the EU FTA.
Representatives of Department of IP, Department of Trade Negotiation,  FDA,
and civil society groups are invited.

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