[Ip-health] Why?

George Carter fiar at verizon.net
Sun Dec 16 06:20:55 PST 2012

Dear Mr. Martin,

I am not writing to say anything pleasant to you. You know that your company's failure to continue clinical studies of GS-7977 with daclatasvir is rooted entirely in greed and corporate envy. There is no rationale beside these despicable motivations.

You and your company represent every that is wrong and profoundly evil about the pharmaceutical industry. You are destroying innovation while creating enormous suffering and early death for humans around the world. I include the outrageous pricing of Stribild as another example of your vicious, bizarre, cruel and unconscionable behavior. 

You are an evil man who does not deserve to be referred to as "Doctor" -- and my hope is that, if there is any persistence of awareness after we die, that you will get to understand and experience the pain and suffering you have caused on a global scale through your abject greed.


George M. Carter
Brooklyn, NY 

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