[Ip-health] Just published: UNITAID HIV, TB and Malaria Medicines Landscape

BAGOZZI, Daniela bagozzid at unitaid.who.int
Wed Feb 1 01:36:08 PST 2012

Progress Report on Emerging Issues and Potential Opportunities to Improve Access

In an era of funding cuts, increasing global challenges and financial crisis it has become even more important not only to seek fresh sources of funds for health and development, but to ensure that the money available provides value and reaps concrete results.  UNITAID's pivotal role in improving medicine affordability while at the same time promoting innovation is more critical than ever today.

This progress report is the first step of an exhaustive reform to lay a prioritization framework and develop evidence and intelligence needed for targeted action to increase access to treatment for AIDS, TB and malaria.  UNITAID hopes it will prove to be useful tool to our global health partners and donor agencies.


UNITAID projects have positively shaped many markets, with a focus on niches where extensive market shortcomings resulted in limited or no access to treatment in low-income countries prior to UNITAID. Without UNITAID's support, many key markets would be substantially smaller and more fragmented, medicine prices would be higher, and fewer adapted products would exist. Many market niches are "healthier" than five years ago.  However, some markets remain sluggish, despite substantial investment. 

Markets are dynamic in nature. As markets evolve, efficiencies are gained, but new shortcomings also arise. This report describes the evolution of UNITAID's market niches and describes some current market shortcomings and the reasons for these shortcomings. It provides preliminary views on additional opportunities for UNITAID to create new markets, catalyse markets for underutilized products, and address market inefficiencies towards increased access to medicines. 

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