[Ip-health] “I’m not impressed by anti-ACTA demonstrations” says Mr. Karel De Gucht

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Dear Pauline,

Great that you are exposing this!

Yoke Ling
Third World Network

On Feb 9, 2012, at 12:53 AM, Pauline Londeix wrote:

> • Press statement • Act Up-Paris • February 8, 2012
> “I’m not impressed by anti-ACTA demonstrations” says Mr. Karel De
> Gucht, European Commissioner
> EC despises any democratic expression
> http://www.actupparis.org/spip.php?article4757
> 8-Feb-12, Paris : Yesterday an Act Up-Paris activist, who managed to
> find her way through the so-called “Civil Society Dialogue” meeting,
> confronted the European Commissioner regarding the impact of the trade
> agreement being negotiated by EC for years without any democratic
> consultation. As the activist was talking about the worldwide
> demonstrations against ACTA or the Free trade Agreements, Karel de
> Gucht casually stated : “I am not impressed by anti ACTA
> demonstrations”.
> This proves De Gucht’s contempt towards any democratic expression. Any
> responsible person having concern for democracy and common interests
> would pay attention to the hundreds of thousands of citizens
> protesting and would take serious note of the petition signed against
> ACTA by 2 million people.
> It is very evident from his statement that De Gucht despises
> democracy, he despises the rights of the citizens of a democracy and
> despises their freedom. He despises the life of people living with HIV
> or any other serious disease, who had also demonstrated against the
> murderous agreements being negotiated by EC De Gucht.
> This supposedly “Civil Society dialogue” was in itself a proof of De
> Gucht’s contempt for democracy as half of the “organizations” invited
> were lobbyists from industries.
> History will remember De Gucht as a relentless enemy of democracy and
> a big danger for patients around the world. Act-Up Paris demands Karel
> De Gucht to quit from his position.
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