[Ip-health] FTT letter please send to French embassies in your country!

Anna Marriott AMarriott at Oxfam.org.uk
Fri Feb 10 06:36:19 PST 2012

Dear Robin Hood Tax fans, 

As you will know, events are moving extremely fast on the FTT front. In 
just the first couple of months this year we have seen repeated 
commitments from President Sarkozy and Chancellor Merkel on their 
intention to push forwards with a European FTT and positive statements 
about the possibility of revenues from an FTT going towards tackling 
development and climate change. They have been joined by Italy and Spain. 
But this week France has taken the step of publishing its plans for a 
national stamp duty which Sarkozy has said will go to the national deficit 
- not development and climate change as he has previously stated. 

With French elections in April we have just a matter of weeks to convince 
Sarkozy that he must commit to a portion of the revenue - no matter how 
small- from the proposed stamp duty going to development and climate 
change. It is crucial that he does this so that it sets a precedent for 
any future FTTs. 

The coming weeks present a critical window of opportunity. We will be 
putting all our energy into persuading the key movers to commit to an FTT 
on development and climate change and we need your help! Starting with 
this. Attached is a letter to send from organisations supportive of an FTT 
to French embassies in your countries so that French ambassadors where you 
are get the message to Sarkozy that civil society both in and outside of 
France want Sarkozy to act on this now. 

Please share this template letter with your partners, national coalitions 
working on the FTT and any organisations that might be supportive and ask 
them to send this template or a version of it to the French ambassador 
where you are. 

Please ask that if they do send it, they cc in Francesca at 
fghersenti at oxfam.org.uk or let her know that they have sent it so that we 
can keep track of how many letters are going to embassies. 

For reference, Sarkozy has made several statements already committing to 
allocate some of an FTT to development and climate change. Amongst other 
places, statements have been made at the plenary assembly of the UNFCCC 
(2009), the UN Summit on the Millennium Development Goals (2010), in Davos 
at the World Economic Forum (2011), at the African Union Summit (2011), 
and at the French G8 and G20 summits (2011) (ask Alexandre Naulot for more 

Get back to me if you have any questions. Thanks! Anna
Just to add also links to 2 of the speeches / commitments from Sarkozy.
20 Sept 2010 - speech to the UN at MDG Summit: 
30 Jan 2010 - speech to African Union: 

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