[Ip-health] Help stop Novartis from attacking the pharmacy of the developing world!

Joanna Keenan-Siciliano joanna.l.keenan at gmail.com
Tue Feb 14 08:44:03 PST 2012


Tweet #STOPnovartis: http://www.msfaccess.org/STOPnovartis/

In just two weeks, Novartis will resume its attack on people's access to
affordable generic medicines, by challenging A  PART OF  India's PATENT
law that puts people above corporate profits in the name of public health.
The Novartis vs. India case heads to the Supreme Court on 28 February. ADD
YOUR VOICE and join Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) in taking action before
its too late – jump on Twitter and tell Novartis to STOP its attack against
the pharmacy of the developing world!

Tweet #STOPnovartis: http://www.msfaccess.org/STOPnovartis/

MSF relies on affordable medicines produced in India to do its work -- for
example, more than 80% of the HIV medicines we use to treat 170,000 people
in 19 countries are generics produced in India, and we also rely on Indian
generics to treat other diseases and conditions.

Tweet #STOPnovartis: http://www.msfaccess.org/STOPnovartis/

Novartis is attacking India's law because it's the reason why the company
was denied a patent for a cancer drug it produces (imatinib mesylate,
marketed as Gleevec).  The patent was rejected because a part of India's
PATENT law ('Section 3d') says only new and innovative drugs merit
patenting, not just small adjustments to existing medicines.  This rewards
true innovation, while protecting market competition that keeps medicines
affordable.  If Novartis wins the case, India - known as the 'pharmacy of
the developing world' - would be forced to start granting more patents FOR
ALL MEDICINES, which would in turn block price-busting generic competition
and have dire consequences for access to affordable medicines for people in
developing countries. See more information here:

So, TAKE ACTION NOW!  Click on the link below and send a tweet to @Novartis
telling them to STOP the attack on generic medicines and drop the case!

Tweet #STOPnovartis: http://www.msfaccess.org/STOPnovartis/

Joanna Keenan
Press Officer
Médecins Sans Frontières - Access Campaign
E: joanna.keenan[at]geneva.msf.org
T: @joanna_keenan


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