[Ip-health] Gilead´s Tenofovir

Priti Radhakrishnan priti.radhakrishnan at gmail.com
Wed Jan 4 09:13:04 PST 2012

> Francisco raises some very relevant points in his earlier emails. We need
> to be careful about applauding companies like Gilead Sciences without
> measuring actual contributions for patient access.

> According to Gilead (and now several other stakeholders), the 2006
> licenses on TDF were not severable.  Yet to our knowledge the final 2006
> licenses are not publicly available- so on what basis are these statements
> being made? On Gilead's word?
> According to Gilead, countries excluded from those 2006 licenses could not
> have been supplied by generics who had signed the licenses.
> Some very cursory research uncovered the following:
> Countries such as Georgia, Morocco and the Philippines -- so called 2006
> "excluded territories" -- were being supplied by Matrix, Aurobindo and
> Ranbaxy after 2006 but BEFORE Gilead cut side licenses and entered the
> MPP's Pool in 2011.

Therefore it seems that the original 2006 licenses were not binding in the
> first place. Alternatively, Gilead cut further side deals after 2006 to
> allow its licensees to supply those countries.
> *In other words, Gilead was already unbundling its own licenses.*
> It is surprising to us that so many people are lauding Gilead for a
> phenomenal public relations achievement, where actual measurable
> contributions for patient coverage are missing. It appears, as the old tale
> goes, that the emperor has no clothes on.

For seven years, many of us on this listserve have been monitoring and
> fighting Gilead's manipulative tactics. We believe this company (and
> others) still require careful monitoring. Our 4 page "unbundling" report is
> available here: http://tinyurl.com/72hhgvu.
> Priti Radhakrishnan
> www.i-mak.org

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