[Ip-health] INVITATION: Anniversary Event - 25/01/2012 18.00-20.00 - Two Years of action for access to medicines

Alexandra Heumber alexandra.heumber at generispa.com
Wed Jan 11 04:31:51 PST 2012

> “Join us and help make a difference in the global fight against  
> poverty-related diseases”
>  David Martin MEP, Chair
> Poverty-related and neglected diseases, such as HIV/AIDS,  
> tuberculosis (TB) and malaria are treatable and preventable  
> diseases, which take a deadly toll on approximately 5 million people  
> a year and disproportionately affect the world's poorest people. The  
> human and socioeconomic impact of these diseases is severe.  
> Innovation and research for new tools to better prevent, diagnose  
> and treat them are crucial, as well as accessibility and  
> affordability of those tools to all patients.
> Raising the profile of poverty-related diseases and access to  
> medicines amongst EU policy makers and other key stakeholders has  
> been a top priority of the European Parliament Working Group on  
> Innovation, Access to Medicines and Poverty-Related Diseases. Two  
> years after its creation, the Working Group gathers around 190  
> members ranging from MEPs to European Commission officials,  
> diplomats, academics, ACP MPs and civil society organisations. We  
> aim to provide a forum where these actors can engage in a meaningful  
> dialogue and collaborate closely while ensuring that European  
> policies deliver a coherent, comprehensive and pro-active response  
> to address the need for innovation, access to medicines and quality  
> healthcare for poverty-related diseases.
> If you need a badge, please provide your full name and date of  
> birth, Nationality, Passport number and email address (requested for  
> security reasons) by 18 January at the latest, to fvoitzwinkler at ghadvocates.org
> -The registration counter will be open from 17.00 until 17.45, at  
> the European Parliament’s entrance (Place Luxembourg side)-

Alexandra Heumber
Representative of MSF Access Campaign
Co-Secretariat of the EPWG Innovation, Access to medicines and Poverty  
related diseases.
GENERIS Public Affairs Consultancy
Cell: +32 496 87 04 27
Email: alexandra.heumber at generispa.com

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