[Ip-health] Innovate/Activate 2.0 now open for Registration and Session Proposals! Plus logistics and more!

Jason Schultz jschultz at law.berkeley.edu
Mon Jan 23 13:23:17 PST 2012

Dear Colleagues,

Happy New Year. It's already been an exciting start to 2012 with the 
battle over SOPA/PIPA and a perfect time to gear up for 
Innovate/Activate 2.0, our conference on IP and activism, to be held at 
UC Berkeley from Friday, April 20-Saturday, April 21. This year, we've 
decided on the themes of "How To" and "DIY Activism" -- focusing on 
concrete ways to get more people involved in IP issues and sharing 
strategies, tactics, lessons learned, etc. from our current and past 
campaigns and actions.

We have five big announcements to share with you:

1) Conference Registration is now open.

You can register for I/A 2.0 here:

Note that for capacity and planning purposes (especially for food), we 
are asking everyone to pay something for registration. However, in order 
to be sensitive to people's financial situations, we are allowing you to 
pick your own registration fee, ranging from $5-$100 with some 
suggestions for student, non-profit/academic, and corporate 
participants. However, no one will be turned away for lack of funds. If 
even $5 is too much, email us at info at innovateactivate.org, and we can 
discuss scholarships/waivers with you.

2) We are now accepting Session Proposals.

If you would like to suggest a session for I/A 2.0, you can do it here:

In line with our conference theme, we are looking for three types of 

a) Ideas or projects that you would like to share/showcase/workshop;
b) Ideas or projects that you would like to hack/collaborate on with 
others; and
c) Ideas or projects that you would like to see someone else present on.

Please submit as many different ideas/projects as you'd like. We want to 
get a broad sense of the possibilities and see where the cutting-edge 
efforts are concentrated. In particular, we are interested in efforts in 
the education space, grassroots organizing, meme-making and publicity, 
making and breaking technologies for activist purposes, empirical 
research and evidence gathering, and legal/policy interventions. But 
don't let this limit you; we're open to all types of sessions!

3) Logistics

We've put up a page regarding conference logistics, including 
information on air travel, hotels, the conference site, etc. Check it 
out here:

4) Intellectual Sponsors

Beyond Berkeley Law and NYLS, a number of significant organizations who 
take action on IP issues have agreed to sponsor the conference. These 
include the American Assembly, Cambia, the Center for Democracy and 
Technology, the Center for Information Technology Policy at Princeton, 
the Center for Social Media and the Program on Information Justice and 
Intellectual Property at American U., the Electronic Frontier 
Foundation, Mozilla, NKU's Chase Law & Informatics Institute, the Open 
Video Conference, Peer 2 Peer University, Public Knowledge, Students for 
Free Culture, and Yale's Information Society Project. Representatives 
from all of these amazing organizations will be at the conference and 
helping us make it a major focal point for IP Activism in 2012.

5) Looking for Keynote Speakers

We've contacted a few people about possibly keynoting I/A, but we're 
always looking for more ideas for great speakers. If you have 
suggestions, please send them to us at keynote at innovateactivate.org.

Thanks again for all your support. Now go register and submit ideas!


Jason M. Schultz
Assistant Clinical Professor of Law
Director, Samuelson Law, Technology&  Public Policy Clinic
UC Berkeley School of Law
jschultz at law.berkeley.edu
(510) 642-1957

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