[Ip-health] MSF responds in the wake of Global Fund press conference at WEForum, Davos

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Thu Jan 26 03:26:11 PST 2012

*Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) responds in the wake of Gates
Foundation/Global Fund press conference at World Economic Forum, Davos*

Bill Gates and Global Fund Board Chairman Simon Bland have just wrapped up
a press conference at the WEF in Davos, celebrating the Global Fund's tenth
birthday this week. The Global Fund's achievements in funding the treatment
of HIV, TB and malaria and saving millions of lives over the last ten years
was noted - but disturbingly, it has emerged that the global economic
crisis has left the Fund short to the tune of $2 billion (Global Fund press
release here:

Médecins Sans Frontières is concerned at this shortfall and has issued the
below quote in response, urging donor governments to commit to funding the
Global Fund by holding an emergency donor conference.

"In countries where we work, like Uganda, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Myanmar or
Democratic Republic of Congo, people affected by HIV, TB and malaria rely
on international support to get the treatment they need to stay alive.
Because of waning political commitment, the Global Fund cancelled the
funding round in 2011 and states it doesn't have the resources to make new
grants for treatment for the next two years, which will have devastating
consequences on the progress achieved in fighting the three epidemics over
the last decade.

Now that new scientific evidence shows that HIV treatment itself could be
the one of the best ways to turn the epidemic around, it's time for
governments to roll up their sleeves and commit to getting the Global Fund
back on track. It’s the main financing instrument to provide treatment to
millions of people waiting for antiretroviral medicines. As the Global Fund
turns the page with its leadership changes, it needs to stick to its core
values of getting the best and most affordable treatment to as many people
as possible as quickly as possible.  First on the to-do list should be
holding an emergency donor conference so that affected countries can apply
for new grants and expand life-saving treatment this year.

On top of voluntary funding, we also need predictable mechanisms - such as
the financial transaction tax currently being debated in Europe - with part
of funds generated to be dedicated to global health, including the Global

- Dr Tido von Schoen-Angerer; Executive Director, Access Campaign, Médecins
Sans Frontières

--quote ends--

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