[Ip-health] Settlement of India/EU WTO Dispute re Seizures of In-Transit Medicines: Why the Proposed EU Border Regulation Isn't Good Enough

Riaz K Tayob riaz.tayob at gmail.com
Fri Jan 27 00:10:35 PST 2012

It is embarrassing enough to have the BEST experts in the world dealing 
with "counterfeiting" come up with legislation that excludes the basics 
like audi alterem partem... this should be most embarrassing for the EU 
and its "experts" and not to be outdone, the WHO's IMPACT modeled part 
of its work on the EU legislation ... in other parts of the world this 
is called regulatory capture or if you are a developing country, then it 
would be called institutionalised corruption...

On 2012/01/27 02:02 AM, Gary Horlick wrote:
> It was Dutch Customs officials---the EU officials were extremely 
> embarrassed and the Brazilian and Indian governments leapt on the PR 
> bonanza of the seizure of life saving drugs at Christmas. None of 
> which contradicts the analysis below!

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