[Ip-health] EPP will try to postpone ACTA vote

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EPP will try to postpone ACTA vote
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July 2, 2012
By Ante

Just as I was writing on this blog the vote on ACTA will be on Wednesday (the 
vote not removed from the agenda today), this tweet comes in:

“EPP Group ‏@EPPGroup

#EPP will ask during tomorrow’s debate on #ACTA for a postponement of the vote 
until we have ECJ’s ruling.”

Postponement would be a wrong approach. The Court’s test is a marginal one on 
fundamental rights. The Parliament’s committees also looked at broader issues, 
like innovation and access to medicine. The Parliament has to take a political 

So before the vote on ACTA there will be a vote on postponement of the vote.

Make sure the ACTA vote continues on Wednesday, contact your MEP!

Just before this happened, the European Parliament Tabling Service was about 
to publish the indicative voting list for the vote on ACTA here.

The vote on ACTA is to be a roll call vote on ACTA itself, (not on the INTA 

A straight vote, in favour or against ACTA, no amendments.

That is, if the vote isn’t postponed…

Debate: Tuesday 15.00,

Vote: Wednesday 12.30, point 111

Watch it live:

EP video streams:

plenary session:

alternative stream, original language:

alternative stream, English:
mms://livewms.europarl.europa.eu/reflector:56235 – aid 3

Try other “aid” numbers for other languages.

Second alternative stream:

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