[Ip-health] TOWARDS A HEALTH R&D CONVENTION Opportunities, Challenges and the way ahead

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Mon Jul 9 06:11:38 PDT 2012


*Opportunities, Challenges and the way ahead *

*Workshop by Third World Network (TWN) & Drugs for Neglected Diseases
Initiative (DNDi)*

*When: Monday, July 9, 17.00 p.m.*

*Venue: Room C5*

At this 3rd Peoples Health Assembly, Third World Network (TWN) and Drugs
for Neglected Diseases Initiative (DNDi) are hosting a workshop on the
for a convention on health R&D to address the health needs of developing

TWN and DNDi would like to invite participants at the PHA to a civil
society briefing on the issue and the need to engage in this ambitious
dream for a R&D system for developing countries.

*Speakers: *

Amitava Guha (Chair), Sangeeta Shashikant (TWN), Pascale Boulet (DNDi), Tim
Reed (Health Action International) Leena Menghaney (MSF Access Campaign).
Followed by Questions and panel discussion

*Background:* The vast majority of health products are developed with a
research bias to respond to the needs of patients in developed countries.
This corresponds to unequal access to treatment for patients in developing
countries driven by a 10/90 R&D gap.  Less than 10 % of all health research
is devoted to the health of 90 % of the world population, which results in
neglected diseases and neglected patients.

This is a reflection of the currently IP driven and highly privatized R&D
system which in the absence of market incentives fails to put resources and
focus into research and development (R&D) geared towards resource poor
countries and the needs of their people.

Ten years ago, WHO started a crucial discussion about how to ensure that
medical innovation could also be geared toward the medical needs of people
in developing countries, rather than continue to be driven by commercial
incentives only. Finally, a WHO ‘Consultative Expert Working Group’ (CEWG)
in April 2012 published a high level report containing a series of
recommendations, among them a proposal that WHO Member States begin a
process towards establishing a convention on health R&D to address the
health needs of developing countries, under Article 19 of the WHO

Civil society and developing governments do have an opportunity to get the
ambitious dream of the ‘need based R&D convention’ back on the agenda
before the 2013 Executive Board in January and the World Health Assembly
later in May 2013.

*This workshop is aimed at:* providing a briefing on the issue; involving
the health movement across the world in the debates around the convention
on health R&D; and highlighting the different negotiating positions of
member states of the WHO.

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