[Ip-health] Introducing UNITAID's The Market Share

MADDIX, Jason Aaron maddixj at unitaid.who.int
Wed Jul 11 01:52:50 PDT 2012

Dear Colleagues:

I would like to introduce you to The Market Share<http://www.unitaid.eu/themarketshare> - a new UNITAID publication.

The Market Share is a summary of news on treatment, diagnostic, and preventive commodities for HIV, TB, and malaria excerpted from journals, newspapers, blogs and other global health publications. Each issue highlights developments and trends influencing global markets for these products, including the release of major research findings, advances in new technologies, evolution in intellectual property, and decision making among global health stakeholders.

Simply put, The Market Share aims to pass along a selection of the latest "must-reads" to anyone interested in what's shaping markets for the medicines, diagnostics, and preventives we work with.

Forty-four issues of The Market Share will be published annually.

You can access the latest issue of The Market Share at http://www.unitaid.eu/themarketshare. You can also subscribe<http://www.unitaid.eu/themarketshare> to receive alerts by email the moment each new issue becomes available.

Kind regards,
Jason Maddix
Technical Officer, UNITAID

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