[Ip-health] USTR 301

Owain Williams [odw] odw at aber.ac.uk
Tue Jul 17 07:05:07 PDT 2012

Dear IP-health

i wish to put out a request on the listserve for any consolidated survey work done on USTR actions/threat of actions viz TRIPS-plus or Compulsory Licenses (or threat of them). Would it be possible for a message to be uploaded? I would be very grateful. Many thanks Owain

As follows:

i am seeking any resource out here (survey/analysis) that looks at USTR 301 actions related to TRIPS-plus goals or sanction with respect to use or threat of use of Compulsory Licenses. My target dates are 2001- to present, or as near as possible. I am aware of work up until 2007, but so far have only found useful year by year data. Any help would be welcome.

very best

Owain Williams
Centre for Health and International Relations
Aberystwuth University
odw at aber.ac.uk<mailto:odw at aber.ac.uk>

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