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Dear all,

Sorry for cross-posting. We would like to share with you the Treatment
Access Community Guidebook (full and one-pager version). The Guidebook
highlights key sessions on treatment access and suggests certain actions
you can take at the International AIDS Conference. We would also like to
express our gratitude to those who submitted details of their planned
activities to us. The sessions have been included in the Guidebook.

Please feel free to distribute the Guidebook widely.. and do keep
yourself abreast with the latest updates and actions on
www.treatpeopleright.org  <http://www.treatpeopleright.org>

The Guidebook is also made available for download on the ITPC

ITPC Secretariat


*Did you know...?*

* *

*Approximately 20,000 participants from over 100 countries will be at

*A conservative estimate of US$2,000 per attendee*

*The total estimated cost for organizing the AIDS2012: US$ 40,000,000*

* *

*Cost of a year’s supply of HIV treatment for 1 person*: US$ 210*

*Cost of a basic TB treatment course*: US$24*

* *

*With US$ 40 million, we can put 190,476 people on HIV treatment and about 1.6
million people on TB treatment for one entire year.*

* *

*TDF/FTC/EFV at latest Clinton Foundation best price

*6 months first-line fixed dose combination through Global Drug Facility


First held two decades ago, the 19th International AIDS Conference will
take place in Washington D.C. – a centre of power where decisions on the
lives of many millions living with HIV are made.

Although travel ban on people living with HIV travelling to the U.S. was
lifted in 2010, many of our peers and communities most impacted by HIV
remain subject to the US immigration laws which restrict travel for those
deemed to engage in ‘moral turpitude’; laws which remain unchanged since
the 19th Century.

Absent will be many of from our communities – particularly people who use
drugs and or sex workers. Please take action and opportunities at the
conference to call this what it is – a human rights violation and

The costs of attending the IAC - ‘the biggest AIDS event’ – put it out of
the reach of many community-based organizations, organizations and networks
of key affected populations and PLHIV. This must change. The IAC is our
conference and we have the right to have our voices heard.

*The Treatment Access Community Guidebook***

The objective of this Guidebook is to introduce key sessions and activities
organized by community advocates on treatment access. It suggest ways to
connect with our friends and peers at the Kolkata Sex Worker Festival and
the drug user community.

The Guidebook divides issues of treatment access into 5 key thematic areas:

1)   Addressing trade-related barriers to HIV treatment

2)   Understanding treatment literacy and optimization

3)   Prevention of vertical transmission and women’s health

4)   HIV and health financing

5)   Associated events

* *

*Taking action @ the AIDS2012***

* *

*I. Treat people right.* ITPC, it’s regional networks and their supporters
will be united under the ‘Treat People Right’ theme: bringing back the
focus of HIV response on the people and their right to understand HIV
treatment and the right to access high quality, affordable, stigma-free HIV
and other health services. Here is what you can do to help:

1.     Visit the website
* *, read and share your ideas by commenting on the blog posts

2.     Connect with us on Facebook to get instant updates on key events in
Washington and Kolkata, and learn about the latest plans of community
actions (marches, rallies and key speeches).

3.     Follow us on Twitter and add your voices to live conversations with
hashtag #treatpeopleright

4.     Email us [ treatpeopleright at itpcglobal.com ]with details of your
events, rallies and actions and we will do our best to promote them!

* *

*II. * *Help us to ask the right questions. *AIDS2012 represents a unique
opportunity for community advocacy with governments, donors and world
leaders. The Guidebook identifies a range of sessions and events that
treatment advocates might find useful in getting our messages across!

Where you find an “*” in the sessions listed below, are session where we
are certain key policy makers will be present.

Let’s make certain that the 40,000,000.00 dollar this conference costs
doesn’t go to complete waste and that we are at these sessions asking the
*RIGHT* questions on treatment-related policies and demanding that everyone
*ACTS NOW TO ENSURE THAT 15,000,000 people living with HIV HAVE ACCESS TO

* *

*III. Join We Can End AIDS. *A massive mobilization will take place Tuesday
July 24 at the IAC. This mobilization will be powerful and we need you to
help make it a success. Advocates will join force in demanding
accountability from big pharmaceutical companies and governments around the
world*. Go to **www.wecanendaids.org* <http://www.wecanendaids.org>* *to
learn more about the march and to endorse a call to action.**

*IV. Join the reception ‘Investing in People: Grassroots Activism for HIV
Treatment Access’ on Thursday, 26, 2012* at the  Barbara Jordan Conference
Center located at the Kaiser Family Foundation (1330 G Street, NW (between
13th and 14th  NW). The session starts at 4 PM and will be moderated by
Daniel Jae-Won Lee of Levi Strauss Foundation. Among the key speakers
include Stephen Lewis of AIDS-Free World and David Barr, the Co-Founder and
Former Director of HIV Collaborative Fund.  *This program is free and open
to the public, but you must reserve a seat.*  Kindly RSVP by Tuesday, July
24, 2012 to events at itpcglobal.com

*V. Visit us at the Global Village.* ITPC-West Africa has a booth in the
Global village (No. 671 and 672). ITPC-North Africa is the convener of the
MENA networking zone (No. 809). We will make our materials and resources
available at the two locations in the Global Village. Come and talk to us!

*The International Treatment Preparedness Coalition (ITPC) is a global
network of community organizations, local NGOs, researchers and activists
dedicated to effective, affordable, and quality treatment and health care
for people living with HIV. ITPC's mission is to enable communities in need
to access treatment.

Website: www.itpcglobal.org

 Email: info at itpcglobal.com <editpc at gmail.com>

Ed Attapon Ngoksin

Advocacy Officer
UNAIDS PCB NGO Alternate Delegate

International Treatment Preparedness Coalition Secretariat l 51/2 3rd floor
Ruam Rudee Building 3 Soi Ruam Rudee Ploenchit Rd., Lumphini, Pathumwan
Bangkok THAILAND l Office: +66 22 557 477-8 l Fax: +66 22 557 479l Website:

Ed Attapon Ngoksin

Advocacy Officer
UNAIDS PCB NGO Alternate Delegate

International Treatment Preparedness Coalition Secretariat l 51/2 3rd floor
Ruam Rudee Building 3 Soi Ruam Rudee Ploenchit Rd., Lumphini, Pathumwan
Bangkok THAILAND l Office: +66 22 557 477-8 l Fax: +66 22 557 479
l Website: www.itpcglobal.org

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