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   July 25, 2012

   [1]Hundreds of activists in Washington, DC streets protesting against
   Pharma's greed
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   TODAY AGENDA : July, 25

   WESA30 How can CS participate at Global Fund Board and other GF
   governing bodies?
   Non-Commercial Satellite
   Venue: Mini Room 6
   Time: 25.07.2012, 07:00-08:30
   Organizer: Youth of JAZAS, Belgrade, Serbia

   WEAE01 The Future of Affordable ART: Trends in Patents and Price
   Oral Abstract Session
   Venue: Session Room 7
   Time: 25.07.2012, 11:00-12:30
   Co-Chairs: Sharonann Lynch, United States
   Charles B. Holmes, United States

   WEWS07 Getting to Six Million: Lessons from the Track 1.0 PEPFAR
   Treatment Partners
   Scientific Skills Development
   Venue: Mini Room 7
   Time: 25.07.2012, 11:00-12:30
   Co-Chairs: John Idoko, Nigeria
   Deborah Birx, United States

   WEWS09 Working Together for the Implementation of Prevention,
   Medical Care and Harm Reduction in Prisons: a Practical
   Community Skills Development
   Venue: Mini Room 9
   Time: 25.07.2012, 11:00-12:30
   Co-Chairs: Catherine Ritter, Switzerland
   Heino Stöver, Germany

   WESS03 Microbicides and PrEP: Back to Basics
   Special Session
   Venue: Session Room 3
   Time: 25.07.2012, 13:00-14:00
   Chair: Ian McGowan, United States

   WEGS03 Breaking the Silence: Challenging HIV and AIDS Related
   Stigma and Discrimination in Egypt
   Presentation with Q&A
   Venue: GV Session Room 1
   Time: 25.07.2012, 13:00-14:00
   Chair: Magid El Rabeiy, Egypt

   WEAB01 HCV: A New Era Dawns
   Oral Abstract Session
   Venue: Session Room 1
   Time: 25.07.2012, 14:30-16:00
   Co-Chairs: Jürgen Rockstroh, Germany
   Chloe L. Thio, United States

   WERE02 Regional Session on Middle East and North
   Africa: Getting HIV and AIDS Down to Zero in the Arab States
   Regional Session
   Venue: Session Room 5
   Time: 25.07.2012, 14:30-16:00
   Chair: Shereen El Feki, Canada

   WEAD04 Intellectual Property: For Us or Against Us?
   Oral Abstract Session
   Venue: Session Room 8
   Time: 25.07.2012, 14:30-16:00
   Co-Chairs: Richard Elliot, Canada
   Jonathan Berger, South Africa (TBC)

   WEBS01 HIV Responses in the Context of Migration: What Have We
   Bridging Session
   Venue: Session Room 4
   Time: 25.07.2012, 16:30-18:00
   Co-Chairs: Barbara Rijks, Switzerland
   Henry Luyombya, Canada

   Venue: Global Village Screening Room
   Time: 25.07.2012, 17:00-19:00
   Chair: Amy Sadao, United States

   Follow us : I

[3]Back to the Future : A story of Universal Access to ARVs in three parts
[Part 1 : The Past]
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   Over the next three days, Kajal Bhardwaj, a lawyer working on HIV,
   health and human rights in India will take us through the struggle for
   access to treatment in the face of a global trade regime that places
   profits before people.

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[6]Rock the TPP : An Evening of Musical Resistance
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   Rock the TPP: An Evening of Musical Resistance

   Wednesday, July 25, 2012
   Join us in the Asia-Pacific Networking Zone of the Global Village of
   AIDS2012 to advocate for Access to Medicines!

   [8]Treating People Right Means Taking the IP Yoke off Our Back : A
   Ten-Point Plan to Ensure Access to New and Improved AIDS Medicines
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   [9]Retour ligne automatique
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   Treating People Right Means Taking the IP Yoke off Our Back:
   A Ten-Point Plan to Ensure Access to New and Improved AIDS Medicines
   Brook K. Baker, Policy Analyst Health GAP
   Professor Northeastern U. School of Law, Program on Human Rights and
   the Global Economy
   July 13, 2012

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   An initiativ of International Treatment Prepareness Coalition

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